Purchasing BPO

  • Systematic renegotiations
    of all requests
  • Benefit from ExperBuy’s PSL
  • Reduction of the Vendor base
  • Variable cost of the transactions

Quality management
  • Documentary compliance (Certificates of
    conformity, Export control, ITAR, etc.)
  • IQAM check
  • OTD management
  • Managing any cases of
  • non-compliance

  • Processes in line with those of our customers
  • Structured implementation
  • Increasing the rate of hedge transactions
  • No PO / No Pay

Contract management
  • Transfer of responsibility
    and compliance with the purchasing general terms
    and conditions
  • Transparent reporting
    + Business review
  • Regular measurement of
    customer satisfaction

data interchange
  • From the request for a quote through to
    IT reception
  • e-invoicing

International Sourcing
  • Local sourcing
  • RFQ technical management
  • Possibility of multi-currency purchasing

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