Expertise and solutions

Experbuy is capable of putting at your disposal on your premises or from our own location, purchasing consultants for various purchasing projects allowing you to reduce costs.

Our global presence, especially in France, China and Romania will allow you to interface effectively and efficiently in the Euro, APAC and PECO zones with specialized consultants who have extensive knowledge of competitive purchasing  in their respective regions.

Here are some examples of specific purchases by our consultants :

  • Sourcing of new industrial suppliers in eastern Europe and/or China.
  • Specific sourcing of standard and custom industrial products.
  • Quality control and compliance with manufacturers’ technical specifications.
  • Logistical efficiency by negotiating specialized rates in an effort  to reduce costs.
  • Reduction of your supplier base by consolidating them into their own specialty.
  • Negociate better purchasing terms & conditions with your current suppliers.

To develop more ways to optimize your purchasing policy, do not hesitate to contact us.


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BuyzeWay is a disability-friendly company, an ExperBuy subsidiary. In France, ExperBuy services may be proposed via BuyzeWay. We are proud to offer you two advantages:

  • undertake a defining project for your sustainable development plan
  • reduce your contribution to Agefiph


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Air quality sensor module, Gas detector, Gas Analyser, infrared C02 sensor

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Garden irrigation tool manufacturer in China

LCD digital water timer, Solenoid water timer, Adjustable Plastic Nozzle W/Front Trigger in China

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Purchasing Consulting in China

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World market study in China

Sourcing missions : Search and qualification of suppliers in China

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Sourcing of metal products suppliers in China

We follow the production for a range of metal products made in China

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How to optimize your purchases with ExperBuy : BUSINESS CASE

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