Environmental charter

We are committed to a proactive approach favouring sustainable development by adopting a responsible ecological attitude on a daily basis.

Amongst other things, the practices encourage sorting and recycling waste, saving energy through optimising energy efficiency and eco-friendly purchasing.

Travel policy

Improve the management of our travel through good practices and the responsible behaviour of all company collaborators while integrating an eco-friendly approach.

For reasons of economy and protection of the environment, trips are only envisaged after considering whether they are absolutely necessary and whether a video conference can be a substitute. This results in rationalising the means of transport, optimising the overnight stays in hotels nearest to the meeting place, and so on.

Zero paper goal

Wishing in the medium term to strive towards a paperless policy, ExperBuy has, since February 2016, made a commitment to a far-reaching project  at group level which involves implementing an internal and external exchange hub that will in time see the dematerialisation of the entire relationship process (customer and Vendors).

BIZTALK will help increase reliability, productivity and reactivity. 

Purchasing Charter

One of its guiding principles is to develop eco-friendly and sustainable purchasing.

ExperBuy assesses 100% of its prefered partners each year according to different criteria, including those relative to the environment :

  • Certification, environmental policy, monitoring of the industrial and environmental risks
  • Respect for sustainable development rules, a green attitude.
  • Local purchasing to reduce the carbon footprint (provided the purchases meet the requirements of ExperBuy). 
  • Use of grouped delivery shuttles with our logistics partner to reduce the transport.

More information about our other charters