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ExperBuy The company History


25 years of experience in purchasing

Achats Service was born.
Achats Service took over Gefelec, a specialist in procurement outsourcing.
The company obtained its first ISO certification. The joint arrival of ERP and the Internet brought about a radical change in the mode of operation and organisation.
Achats Service took over Encotech, a company specialised in technical procurement and concentrated its forces on 4 branches in France.
Achats Service changed its shareholder, accelerated its development and confirmed its international ambitions.
Launch of activity in Germany via the Global Procurement Solutions subsidiary in Stuttgart.
Launch of activity in China by taking over the Nihao company in Hong Kong and Shanghai.
Opening of the Eschbach branch in Germany.
Strengthening of the company's presence in Europe by the acquisition of the German Einkaufsagentur Korn.
Creation of a WFOE* in China, which enables procurement outsourcing for companies based in China.
Start of activity in Romania.
Achats Service changed its name to ExperBuy, a change of skin enabling the company to overcome the challenges related to Group's international development.
Start of activity in Switzerland and Austria.
Start of activity in the Nordics (Sweden, Norway, Finland) and in the USA.

*WFOE (or WOFE): Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise is a Chinese limited liability company wholly owned by foreign investors. The WFOE in particular enables sales activities to be conducted and invoices to be drawn up.

Together, let's measure what you'll save


ExperBuy launches its subsidiary company

BuyzeWay is a company that provides operational consulting and purchase outsourcing. Its particularity is to be the first "adapted company" in the sector.

It means that it hires mostly people with disabilities. BuyzeWay is a branch of the ExperBuy Group. It is based on ExperBuy's reliable savoir-faire, processes and expertise.

ExperBuy among indirect purchases experts

ExperBuy is a partner for the first annual conference dedicated to indirect purchases and organized by Crop&Co.

The Indirect Purchasing Conference aims at meeting indirect purchases managers, buyers and purchasing experts. It is also the unique opportunity to share answers, discover innovative solutions and compare your experiences to manage and optimize indirect purchase. We look forward to seeing you there to share ideas about purchasing matters.

Today, managing indirect spend is strategic for the company: it allows to reduce by up to 50% on these purchases categories, with potential savings of around 5% of indirect expenses up to 15% for some families.

When : Tuesday, June 30 2015
Where : Paris (Novotel Charenton - Subway station Liberté - Line 8)

New customer in the USA

ExperBuy is selected by a US aircraft manufacturer to supply industrial aeronautical components.