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ExperBuy Recruitment Human Resources Policy

With employees distributed over several continents, ExperBuy has an innovative and motivating human resource policy capable of enabling them to develop and work as efficiently as possible.

Key figures

  • Average age is 38 years old
  • Average length of service is 5 years
  • Women represent 45% of the collaborators
  • 100% of the employees have an annual assessment interview

Whether involving training, assessment or career progress, ExperBuy boasts action principles common to all of its structures.


Insistent on the quality of its services, ExperBuy calls for motivated and highly skilled teams. We permanently adapt and develop our know-how. Particular attention is paid to training requirements.

Business culture and integration

In order to ensure its development, ExperBuy's recruitment system is based on the personality, skills and abilities required. The integration programme for a new employee is systematically formalised.

Personal work and objectives

Aware of the importance of the motivation and cohesion of work teams, ExperBuy management ensures that employees position their daily activities in relation to the company's objectives.

Tools and approaches

ExperBuy sets up efficient devices:

  • Systematic annual assessment interview
  • Attractive general wage policy
  • Standardisation of human resource practices
  • Policy to fight against discrimination